POLAND – GENESIS FRESH, a subsidiary of AMFRESH, has advanced the citrus industry with the global debut of its latest orange variety, Onix.

The company’s newest offering promises not only a unique flavor experience but also a host of practical benefits specializing in varietal development with a keen eye on sustainability.

Discovered in the sun-kissed orchards of Seville, Spain, Onix has a distinctive trait that sets it apart: a scientifically proven high anthocyanin content, certified by the prestigious Institute for Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (IBMCP) in Valencia.

This rare attribute, coupled with its darker flesh akin to the renowned Sanguinelli variety, but with a larger size and a deeper, reddish skin, positions Onix as a game-changer in the citrus market.

David Alba, CEO of GENESIS FRESH, elaborated on the distinctive features of Onix, stating, “While Onix and Sanguinelli share comparable organoleptic qualities, Onix stands out with its optimal size and external coloring achieved earlier in its growth cycle, facilitating an early harvest.”

Alba also highlighted Onix’s exceptional on-tree endurance and remarkable post-harvest longevity, extending its sales window to approximately 4-5 months in each hemisphere.

Speaking on the variety’s export potential, Alba emphasized, “Onix’s post-harvest life, durability, fantastic coloration, and firmness make it an ideal candidate for markets across Asia, North America, and Europe.” Indeed, the reception in key markets has been overwhelmingly positive.

Patricia Sagarminaga, Global Director of Marketing & Communications at AMFRESH, echoed this sentiment, noting the success of Onix in destination markets.

“The elegant, innovative branding and positioning of Onix within the citrus and fresh produce space have resonated with consumers across European markets, driving remarkable in-store sales performance,” Sagarminaga remarked.

Currently available in major UK retailers such as Tesco and M&S, as well as esteemed establishments in Spain including Eroski, and Germany’s retail giants REWE and Kaufland, Onix is poised to make waves globally.

With its enticing flavor profile and versatile applications, including its role as a premium cocktail mixer, Onix offers consumers a pleasant taste experience.

In terms of pricing and packaging, Onix is offered for sale individually at £1 (USD 1.08) per piece, with the option of packaged sets comprising 3 or 5 oranges.

This pricing strategy aims to cater to diverse consumer preferences while maintaining accessibility and affordability.

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