BERLIN – FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024, the world’s premier trade fair for the fresh produce industry, has officially commenced, offering a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge products, services, and technological advancements.

Scheduled from February 7 to 9, the event was inaugurated with a vibrant Welcome Party at Metropol Berlin, setting the stage for an immersive exploration of the global fresh produce market.

As a hub for the entire value chain, FRUIT LOGISTICA covers every aspect, from seed development to packaging and automation.

In the words of Kai Mangelberger, Director of FRUIT LOGISTICA, “In many aspects, the three days of the world-leading trade show set the course for the success of the entire business year. We connect you with the industry’s leading players.”

The event serves as a nexus for global trade, bringing together exhibitors from over 90 countries and trade visitors from 140 countries, with more than 80% of international visitors being decision-makers.

Program is structured around three key segments:

  1. Fresh Produce

The Fresh Produce segment is a vibrant showcase of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and flowers. Notably, the Organic-Route highlights certified organic products, catering to the growing demand for sustainable and health-conscious choices in the market.

  1. Machinery & Technology

This segment delves into the optimization of machine technology, with a specific focus on Smart Agri and Greenhouse technologies. As technology continues to revolutionize agriculture, this section provides insights into the latest innovations driving efficiency and sustainability.

  1. Logistics

Logistics takes center stage as a key topic, addressing critical aspects such as storage, transportation, and the integration of automation, digitization, and artificial intelligence. The increasing complexity of global supply chains has intensified the demand for advanced logistical solutions.

The three main segments take the center stage, emphasizing the diverse facets of the industry. Noteworthy focal points include Smart Agri and Greenhouse, reflecting the industry’s growing emphasis on innovation and sustainable practices.

The thriving organic products sector is also highlighted with the Organic-Route, drawing increasing participation each year.

Global interest and growing presence

Demand from fresh produce suppliers in Africa and Asia is witnessing a surge, with notable interest from Kenyan companies, who have doubled their exhibition space since 2023.

China, too, has doubled its presence, occupying more than 1,000 sq ft. This signifies a growing global interest in the event as a platform for collaboration and market expansion.

Technological and logistical solutions in focus

The fruit and vegetable industry grapples with cost pressures and distribution challenges worldwide. FRUIT LOGISTICA director Kai Mangelberger notes a heightened interest in technological and logistical solutions, evident in the increasing exhibitor registrations in the Logistics, Machinery & Technology segments.

Hall 26, dedicated to logistics, witnesses a rise in international exhibitors.

Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) takes center stage

The Machinery & Technology segment at FRUIT LOGISTICA highlights the escalating importance of Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA).

In Hall 3.1, the Greenhouse and SmartAgri areas serve as platforms for the display of innovative technologies shaping the future of agriculture.

As the event unfolds, FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 promises to be a crucible for industry leaders, fostering collaborations, and unveiling the latest trends and solutions that will drive the fresh produce sector forward.

Program overview – FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 provides further details on the event’s itinerary and offerings.

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