UK – Fresh Direct, UK’s leading foodservice provider of fruit and vegetables, has launched a new product – Watermelon Rind Chutney, that repurposes surplus watermelon hence reducing food waste.

This new offering, which builds on the success of their Pickled Watermelon is inspired by the rich tradition of Indian chutneys and sambals.

It is a fusion of the discarded rind and a harmonious blend of spices, including mustard seeds, cumin, turmeric, chili, garlic, and ginger.

The addition of plump sultanas, lemon, and onions elevates the chutney, resulting in a vibrant, fragrant, and mildly spicy condiment.

Designed to be a versatile accompaniment, it pairs seamlessly with dishes such as poppadom and curries and complements strong cheeses and cured meats.

Ian Nottage, Head of Food Development at Fresh Direct, emphasized the company’s commitment to minimizing waste: “As the UK’s leading supplier of fresh produce for foodservice, one of the challenges we set our development chefs is to focus on minimal waste cooking with customers, helping them to reduce waste by maximizing the use of every part of the fruit or the vegetable.”

Nottage expressed pride in turning a potential waste product into a delicious offering, stating, “Rather than treat the rind of the watermelon as a waste product, we’ve taken it and turned a potential negative into a delicious product.”

According to Nottage, The Watermelon Chutney, still in its early stages, has already garnered rave reviews and the company anticipates that, over the course of a year, they can turn 10 tons of potential waste into tasty products that chefs across the country can utilize.

Fresh Direct’s commitment to sustainability aligns with broader industry trends focused on reducing food waste and promoting innovative uses for overlooked parts of fruits and vegetables.

Meanwhile, this news was preceded by a restructuring in the company. Getir, a rapid delivery firm, announced key leadership changes, appointing Hatice Evren as the US Group CEO of Getir and FreshDirect, and Sloan Eddleston as CEO of FreshDirect.

Evren, former Chief of Global Business Functions at Getir, will collaborate with Getir US and FreshDirect leaders to foster cross-channel development and create synergies between the two U.S. companies.

These changes follow Getir’s acquisition of FreshDirect from Ahold Delhaize, signaling a strategic move in the evolving landscape of the e-grocery market.

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