US – Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc has released its 2022 Sustainability Report, reaffirming its steadfast commitment to conserving the planet.

The leading vertically integrated producer, marketer, and distributor of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables is at the forefront of sustainable practices.

In 2022, as outlined by the report, Fresh Del Monte achieved a remarkable 26% decrease in its Scope 1 and 2 emissions, largely attributed to optimizing fertilizer usage, fuel consumption, and facility heating adjustments.

“This progress puts Fresh Del Monte at an impressive 94% completion rate toward its Science Based Target initiative-approved Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction goal of 27.5% compared to a 2020 base year,” explains the report.

Fresh Del Monte’s numerous sustainability efforts have earned the company several recognitions and accolades. 

For two consecutive years in a row, the company was ranked 14th in the Food and Beverage category among U.S.-based companies with revenues exceeding USD 500 million on Newsweek’s America’s Most Trusted Companies of 2023 list.

It was also named a Humankind 100 company by Humankind Investments, ranking 59th out of 100 for positively impacting communities through initiatives such as providing access to clean water, food, and healthcare. 

The company’s dedication to conservation has earned it recognition by UNESCO for its work at the Quirigüá Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Guatemala.

This is demonstrated by their production model that focuses on reducing its emissions and food waste, and adopting regenerative agriculture and smart farming practices, among many others.

“As a global agribusiness, sustainability is ingrained in our identity and we recognize the urgency of action needed to continue fortifying our operations against the changing climate,” said Hans Sauter, Chief Sustainability Officer, Senior Vice President, R&D and Agricultural Services at Fresh Del Monte.

“Our unwavering commitment propels us to continually reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize water usage, combat food waste, and curtail plastic consumption, among other critical endeavors that have a direct impact on our planet.”

One of the biggest milestones achieved by the pioneering produce company according to the report was the launch of its new line extension, Del Monte Zero Pineapple.

Launched in 2022, the Pineapple is a limited availability product line extension from the Del Monte Gold, HoneyGlow, and Del Monte “The Original” pineapple varieties, grown in Costa Rica and certified as sustainably grown by third-party certification body SCS Global Services.

The pre-certification process involved a comprehensive assessment of Fresh Del Monte’s Costa Rica pineapple production through shipment and sale to the North American and European markets by SCS Global Services.

SCS then determined that the pineapples’ greenhouse gas emissions had been negated by the reabsorption of Fresh Del Monte-owned forests, making the carbon footprint for the product net zero.

According to SCS the company’s 8,000+ hectare forest containing approximately five million trees neutralizes emissions—from farm to market—produced by the Del Monte Zero pineapple.

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