INDIA – Foodcareplus and Intercontplus have announced a new partnership to improve the supply chain for fresh produce imports into India.

This collaboration aims to meet the rising demand for fresh fruits and other perishable goods in India by leveraging advanced logistics solutions.

Belgium-based Foodcareplus, known for its expertise in perishable logistics, and India-based Intercontplus, specializing in sea freight for frozen products, have joined forces to enhance supply chain solutions.

The partnership focuses on fresh produce imports, including apples and citrus fruits, among other items. The collaboration will utilize Foodcareplus’s extensive cold chain network and a container facility in Mumbai managed by Intercontplus.

Foodcareplus stated that this partnership addresses the growing demand for sustainable import solutions for various products, including fresh fruit, chocolate, confectionery, and specialty foods. “We are excited about this partnership and the potential it has to meet the needs of Indian consumers who demand high-quality fresh produce,” said a representative from Foodcareplus.

Despite being a significant producer of apples, India imported over 500,000 tonnes of apples in 2023. This import demand is driven by India’s growing population, increased disposable income, and a heightened focus on health benefits among consumers.

By partnering with Intercontplus, Foodcareplus aims to streamline import and export processes, addressing trust issues between importers and suppliers to avoid uncertainties.

Both companies bring their expertise in temperature-controlled logistics to ensure that the fruit reaches its destination in excellent condition.

They use advanced monitoring tools for real-time shipment tracking, better planning, timely deliveries, and increased customer satisfaction. “Our advanced monitoring tools allow us to track shipments in real-time, ensuring timely and safe delivery of fresh produce,” noted a spokesperson from Intercontplus.

India, while being a leading fruit producer globally, faces several challenges in fresh fruit exports. These include production practices, post-harvest technologies, supply chain issues, market access, non-tariff restrictions, and governmental policies.

Supply chain costs in India account for up to 13% of the GDP, nearly double the percentage in developed countries like the U.S., where it is 8.5%. Disrupted supply chains lead to shortages of essential commodities, including fresh produce, and increased import costs due to riskier routes can fuel inflation.

Earlier this month, Foodcareplus announced a new service designed to assist South African exporters, following the opening of the market for South African avocados in India.

This new service will further streamline the import and export processes, enhancing trust between importers and suppliers. “Our goal is to provide seamless import solutions that benefit both exporters and Indian consumers,” said the Foodcareplus representative.

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