AFRICA – Eight Orbit Urban Farms (EOUF), a forward-thinking research-based farming business, is set to establish a cutting-edge high-tech indoor farm in Africa, unveiling ambitious plans to revolutionize agriculture in Nigeria and beyond through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Christina Igono, a distinguished research scientist based in the United States and the founder of EOUF, shared insights into the organization’s mission.

EOUF specializes in controlled environment agriculture, dedicated to year-round farming of sustainable crops such as tomatoes, peppers, fruits, leafy vegetables, and staple foods.

Leveraging advanced hydroponic and aeroponic technologies, EOUF aims to address Africa’s pressing food security challenges.

Christina Igono emphasized the pivotal role of AI and Nutrient Film Techniques (NFT) in the organization’s quest to combat food insecurity.

With Africa experiencing the fastest population growth globally, conventional farming systems have struggled to meet the rising demand for food, leading to issues such as famine, ecological challenges, and seasonal variations in crop production.

Highlighting the urgency of adopting innovative solutions, Igono stated, “Eight Orbit Urban Farms is bringing a permanent solution to these decades-long problems through the use of technology.”

“We are behind the western countries like the United States and the Netherlands in the use of innovative technologies like AI for sustainable and year-round crop production.”

EOUF’s innovative technologies promise not only year-round crop production but also substantial resource conservation.

By utilizing 95 percent less water and resources, producing 100 percent organic and healthy crops with zero herbicides and pesticides, and incorporating zero carbon emissions, EOUF aims to set new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.

Valentine Mbamalu, the company’s executive director, emphasized the significance of solving food insecurity in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

“Unless we solve our food insecurity crisis in Nigeria and Africa at large, we would continue to depend on low-graded and poorly cultivated imported crops, with inflated prices,” added Mbamalu.

The global Agricultural Technology (AgTech) industry, currently valued at USD 24.3 billion, is projected to reach USD 50 billion by 2030.

EOUF’s emergence as a startup seeks to contribute significantly to this growth. The company plans to develop AI-engineered indoor farms on a 20-acre plot in Epe, Lagos state, and a 13-acre area in Kuje, Abuja.

The potential impact of private and public investments in EOUF extends beyond technological advancements.

It holds the promise of creating thousands of jobs across Africa, fostering economic growth, and, most importantly, revolutionizing the continent’s agricultural industry city by city.

EOUF’s endeavor aligns with a broader vision to elevate Africa’s agricultural landscape, addressing both immediate challenges and future sustainability, marking a significant step towards a more resilient and prosperous future for the continent.

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