ETHIOPIA – Ethiopia’s agricultural sector is undergoing a tech-driven transformation as young entrepreneurs exhibit innovative solutions at the ongoing Startup Ethiopia exhibition.

Industry experts at the event foresee these startups playing a pivotal role in boosting the country’s standing in global markets.

The exhibition serves as a stage for young innovators to showcase ideas aimed at enhancing the quality and value of Ethiopian agricultural products for international trade.

Entrepreneurs are laser-focused on elevating farmer profits by augmenting export value and offering buyers enhanced transparency.

Ethiopia’s burgeoning startup ecosystem emerges as a cornerstone for economic expansion, job generation, and nurturing entrepreneurial ventures, particularly within the agricultural domain, according to insights from the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), a partner of TV BRICS.

One standout example is Mikiyas Estefanos, who is employing technology to transform the coffee industry, a crucial Ethiopian export. Estefanos’ “coffee tracking” tool enables buyers to trace the entire coffee production journey, from farm to cup. This newfound transparency is poised to amplify Ethiopian coffee’s competitiveness globally.

Beyond coffee, these agricultural breakthroughs provide buyers with deeper insights into the exceptional quality and distinct attributes of Ethiopian produce, bolstering the nation’s stance in global commerce.

By equipping its youthful populace with education, resources, and dedicated platforms like Startup Ethiopia, Ethiopia is nurturing a promising startup landscape.

This ecosystem holds the potential to steer significant economic advancement and propel the nation towards heightened competitiveness on the world stage.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) orchestrated a fruitful B2B session at the Rori Hotel in Hawassa.

This event addressed a crucial requirement identified in a recent assessment: linking horticulture farms in the Sidama National Regional State with dependable input suppliers.

The B2B session furnished a valuable avenue for growers to connect with suitable suppliers and obtain vital information.

Feedback from participants underscored successful collaborations and access to top-tier seeds, planting materials, cost-effective fertilizers, crop protection products, vermicompost, and packaging materials.

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