KENYA – In a proactive move, the county government of Elgeyo Marakwet has undertaken the distribution of 50,000 fruit seedlings across three strategically important Wards.

This initiative aims to enhance economic growth and increase the forest cover in the region.

This distribution constitutes a crucial element of Governor Wisley Rotich’s Kilimo Biashara program, which aims to empower residents and enhance household incomes through agricultural enterprises.

The allocation of seedlings, consisting of 20,000 tomato seedlings and 30,000 cypresses, has been distributed to farmers in Kabiemit Ward in Keiyo South Sub County, Lelan Ward in Marakwet West, and Kapyego Ward in Marakwet East Sub-County.

Jason Lagat, the County Executive Committee Member for Environment, Water, and Climate Change, emphasized the congruence of the initiative with Governor Rotich’s objective of guaranteeing food self-sufficiency in all households and promoting economic prospects for families.

The timing of this distribution has received praise from the local community due to its alignment with the ongoing precipitation in different areas of the county.

Peter Biwott, a farmer residing in the Chemoson sub-location within the Lelan Ward, underscored the immediate and enduring advantages of this initiative, affirming, “The timely arrival of the seedlings serves as a significant boost. Not only will it generate income, but it will also guarantee a consistent provision of fruits for our households.”

To facilitate the implementation of this program, farmers were systematically organized and cataloged in a comprehensive database, with the objective of optimizing decision-making processes and facilitating identification for prospective investors.

In addition to the tomato seedlings, the county authorities have set forth ambitious plans to distribute over 100,000 avocado and 300,000 cypress trees in the upcoming week.

Their broader objective is to plant more than 500,000 fruit trees across all 13 wards by the conclusion of November.

Local leaders, including MCAs Priscilla Kurgat from Lelan and Joseph Chebet from Kapyego Ward, commended Governor Rotich for his visionary approach and proactive initiatives.

“This development represents a positive and encouraging advancement.” The commitment of our governor is reflected in the collaboration with external partners for the seedlings, as expressed by Chebet.

As the county progresses with this initiative, the local government promotes the ongoing practice of tree planting, capitalizing on the current advantageous weather conditions to enhance and strengthen the agricultural and environmental landscape of the region.

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