US – El Rio Grande Latin Market in Dallas, Texas, has made headlines by smashing the world record for the largest fruit display, showcasing an impressive mountain of hass avocados.

The market surpassed the previous record with a staggering 260,292 avocados, weighing in at 86,764 pounds. Following this remarkable feat, the market treated shoppers to a fantastic deal, offering five avocados for just USD 1.

The display at El Rio Grande Latin Market eclipsed the previous record held by 77,000 pounds of Del Monte bananas in Westmont, Illinois, which stood since 2022. The market’s accomplishment drew attention and applause, but it also sparked some controversy.

Local organizations raised concerns about the event, particularly regarding food accessibility in the state. Texas grapples with numerous food deserts, with 58 out of 258 counties meeting the USDA’s criteria. These areas lack access to fresh produce and are underserved by large grocery stores.

However, the market emphasized that the event was about more than just setting a record; it was about promoting access to nutritious food, especially in underserved communities.

Many parts of South and Northeast Dallas struggle with food deserts, where fresh groceries are often miles away, posing significant challenges for residents.

Avocados hold a significant presence in the Texas produce market. Pharr and Laredo are the top two ports of entry for Mexican avocados, which constitute most avocados imported into the United States.

A hub for authentic Latin products

Established in 2005, El Rio Grande Latin Market has become a go-to destination for customers seeking authentic Latin products at affordable prices.

With various departments offering a wide range of products, including a juice bar, seafood, butcher shop, kitchen, and bakery, the market provides an immersive shopping experience.

With its flagship location in Mesquite, Texas, boasting a sprawling 60,000 square feet of space, El Rio Grande Latin Market offers an extensive selection of prepared foods, groceries, and more.

The market’s Webb Chapel store in Dallas is another must-visit destination, featuring products from Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico, alongside tantalizing tamales and refreshing Aguas Frescas.

El Rio Grande Latin Market’s record-breaking fruit display not only captured attention but also shed light on the importance of addressing food accessibility issues in underserved communities across Texas.

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