ETHIOPIA – The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) has taken a crucial step to protect and promote Ethiopia’s rose industry.

By upgrading the inspection system at Bole International Airport, EHPEA aims to enhance the quality and competitiveness of Ethiopian roses in the global market.

In collaboration with its member farms, EHPEA has provided the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) with vital equipment. This includes desktop computers, printers, cameras, protective gear, and mobile inspection tables.

The official handover ceremony, held at the EHPEA office, was attended by H.E. Mr. Wondale Habtamu, EAA Deputy Director General, and representatives from member farms.

“By equipping EAA inspectors with these essential tools, we aim to further professionalize the inspection process at Bole Airport,” said an EHPEA representative.

This upgrade will ensure that exported roses meet the highest international phytosanitary standards, thereby safeguarding the industry’s continued success and export business.

The new equipment is expected to streamline the inspection process at Bole Airport’s cargo terminal. By doing so, it will help in maintaining the quality of roses exported from Ethiopia. This initiative comes as part of EHPEA’s ongoing efforts to support the Ethiopian horticulture sector.

“This initiative is a testament to our commitment to maintaining high standards in our rose exports,” stated an EAA official.

“With these new tools, our inspectors can work more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that our roses meet global quality standards.”

Barely a week before the equipment handover, EHPEA and the Norwegian Horticulture Organization (NHO) collaborated on a three-day workshop focused on collective bargaining. The workshop aimed to foster positive industrial relations by providing valuable insights from Norwegian experts.

The program catered to Human Resource Managers, Safety Officers, and Workers Union representatives. Through interactive sessions and discussions, participants gained a deeper understanding of effective negotiation strategies and communication techniques.

The workshop included a memorable farm visit, providing a platform for participants to exchange best practices and witness real-world applications of the training.

This hands-on session emphasized the importance of strong, productive working relationships.

“This collaborative effort by EHPEA and NHO has empowered participants to build stronger, more productive working relationships,” said a workshop participant. “The insights gained from this training will be invaluable in our daily operations.”

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