EGYPT – Egypt has achieved an unprecedented milestone in its export history, particularly in the trade of fresh, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables with Germany marking a remarkable 25% surge from the preceding year.

According to the report by East Fruit, in 2023, German importers procured over 190,000 tons of Egyptian produce.

A significant portion of Egyptian exports to the German market revolved around five key products: potatoes, frozen strawberries, grapes, onions, and oranges, collectively constituting approximately 85% of the total volume.

Notably, each of these commodities witnessed substantial growth in exports compared to the previous year, highlighting Egypt’s expanding footprint in the German market.

Potato exports from Egypt to Germany surged by 17%, totaling 65,000 tons, while grape exports witnessed an impressive 50% increase, reaching 21,000 tons.

Furthermore, onion and orange exports more than doubled, reaching 16,000 tons and 10,000 tons, respectively.

Meanwhile, frozen strawberry exports from Egypt remained relatively stable at around 50,000 tons.

Despite Egypt’s prominence as a top supplier of vegetables and fruits to Germany, its ranking varied across different products.

In the frozen strawberry segment, Egypt dominated with nearly two-thirds of the market share. However, in segments like potatoes and onions, Egypt emerged as the leading non-EU supplier, albeit trailing behind the Netherlands and France for potatoes and the Netherlands and Spain for onions.

In the grape and orange segments, Egypt secured the fifth position, following countries like Spain, South Africa, and others.

Additionally, Egypt exported a range of other products to Germany, including sweet potatoes, dried onions, leeks, frozen vegetables, fresh strawberries, mandarins, garlic, and mangoes, among others, albeit at lesser volumes.

Moreover, in another report, Egyptian fresh fruit exporters targeting the EU market witnessed remarkable success in 2023, nearly doubling their export volume to over half a million tons for the first time ever.

This surge was predominantly fueled by heightened orange exports to the EU, triggered by a severe drought affecting major orange-producing nations in the region.

Notably, Egypt’s orange exports to Spain witnessed an astronomical growth of 4,000 times during the 2022/23 season, owing to the unprecedented scarcity caused by the aforementioned climatic conditions.

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