EGYPT – Egypt has emerged as a promising exporter of produce to the Brazilian markets, experiencing substantial growth in its export volumes over the past five years.

According to EastFruit, the noteworthy success has been witnessed in the frozen strawberry and citrus categories, including oranges and mandarins.

In 2023, Egypt witnessed a remarkable accomplishment, doubling its exports of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to Brazil.

The overall volume skyrocketed by more than 13 times compared to 2019, marking an impressive expansion of trade relations between the two nations.

Moreover, the exponential growth in frozen strawberry exports has witnessing a sevenfold increase from 2022, reaching an impressive 16 thousand tons.

This surge propelled Egypt to hold an unprecedented 86% share in the Brazilian import market for frozen strawberries, outperforming competitors from China, Chile, and Argentina.

In 2023, Egypt solidified its position as the leading supplier of imported oranges to Brazil for the second consecutive year.

The country delivered nearly 12 thousand tons of oranges, surpassing competitors from Spain, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina. Brazil, known as a global leader in orange juice production and export, continues to import 20 to 30 thousand tons of oranges annually for fresh consumption.

While Egypt experienced a substantial increase in mandarin exports to Brazil, rising five and a half times to 2.1 thousand tons in 2023, it faced stiff competition from Uruguay and Spain.

These countries shipped larger quantities of mandarins to Brazil, showcasing the need for continued strategic efforts to capture a larger market share.

Meanwhile, garlic exports from Egypt to Brazil, while making strides, encountered challenges in achieving substantial market share.

Despite a 25% growth to 1.6 thousand tons in 2023, Egypt’s share in the Brazilian garlic market remained modest at 1.4%.

Dominated by Argentina and China, this segment presents an area where Egypt aims to enhance its competitiveness and market presence.

Egypt’s flourishing trade relationship with Brazil in the fruits and vegetables sector underscores the country’s resilience and competitiveness in international markets.

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