NETHERLANDS – Easyfresh Netherlands has joined forces with BlueBox Systems to improve the tracking and management of their perishable shipments.

Their collaboration focuses on using BlueBoxOcean, a platform designed to enhance visibility and control in the cold chain logistics sector.

BlueBoxOcean is a tracking system that provides a comprehensive overview of key container details.

According to a statement from BlueBox, the platform offers insights into the total number of containers, sorted by type, country of origin, destination, carrier, and monthly cargo volume. This information is crucial for streamlining container management processes.

Teun Messemaker, Global Manager of Seafreight at Easyfresh Netherlands, emphasized the importance of this technology for their operations.

“When transporting our temperature-sensitive shipments, complete monitoring and transparency are essential. By using BlueBox Systems’ data, we can now offer our customers even better visibility of their shipments and intervene more quickly in the event of short-term problems to ensure smooth transport.”

“Verifiable temperature management throughout the supply chain is critical to ensure the quality of perishable goods,” he explained.

Easyfresh plans to integrate BlueBox Systems’ temperature data tracking into their user interface soon to further enhance their service.

Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems, highlighted the significance of this partnership. “This cooperation with Easyfresh Netherlands underlines the growing demand for transparency in refrigerated transport in ocean freight logistics,” Schulze stated.

“In this area, too, companies want to plan their routes in the best possible way, save resources, and be able to react as quickly as possible to events during transport. The data we provide makes this possible.”

He added that the collaboration encourages BlueBox Systems to continue improving their BlueBoxOcean platform.

“It spurs us on to further improve our BlueBoxOcean platform and offer our customers innovative solutions that meet their needs,” Schulze said.

Easyfresh plans to extend the BlueBox Systems solution to other locations, including Ireland, Chile, and Spain. This expansion aims to provide a consistent level of service and transparency across all their operations, ensuring the quality and reliability of their cold chain logistics.

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