UK – Surplus vegetable supplier, Earth & Wheat, has created a festive box of seasonal produce to attract more consumers during this Christmas period.

The special box includes an assortment of ‘rescued’ vegetables, fruits, and baked bread that would have otherwise been thrown away due to their odd shape or size, or because of oversupply.

The 6.5kg box will include Brussels sprouts, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, broccoli, red cabbage, onions, garlic, rosemary, oranges, apples, and two types of bread – plus a kids’ activity pack and recipe cards.

The so-called Christmas Feast Rescued Box costs GBP 18.99 (USD 23.92) and is available to pre-order until 20 December, with next-day delivery. 

Earth & Wheat will donate four meals’ worth of food to FareShare for every customer who orders the box. A charitable meal is 420g of food based on Wrap’s reporting guidelines.

Earth & Wheat recently joined The King’s Coronation Food Project’s cause and donated 2,894 ‘meals’ to FareShare for redistribution to frontline charities.

Founder James Eid said the box is “the perfect way to spread holiday cheer while making a positive impact on the environment”.

Earth & Wheat was founded by young entrepreneur Eid who introduced a groundbreaking ‘wonky bread’ box in March 2021.

The start-up then ventured out into fruit and vegetables, collecting produce from farms around the UK. Earth & Wheat has so far saved more than 500 tons of wonky or surplus food from going to landfills.

Seasonal produce promotions and their impact on consumers

According to a recently published report by Produce Leaders, understanding marketing dynamics and buyer behaviors is key to driving sales in any retail environment.

“When considering the produce industry, these factors are intricately tethered to the changing seasons,” reads the report. “As the calendar shifts, so do the offerings of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

According to the report, retailers stand to benefit significantly from seasonal promotions, but they’re not the only ones. Seasonal promotions help move stock in large quantities, reducing waste and ensuring the freshness of the produce sold to consumers.

For the consumer, these promotions often lead to monetary savings and the chance to enjoy fresh, high-quality produce at its best. This ultimately encourages a healthier diet and lifestyle, contributing to societal well-being.

Additionally, seasonal promotions often support local farmers and sustainable farming practices, thus favoring environmental sustainability.

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