ETHIOPIA – Dutch businesses have surged their investments in Ethiopia, with an impressive milestone of over one billion USD, Henk Jan Bakker, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ethiopia, revealed.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Bakker underscored the profound impact of Dutch investments on Ethiopia’s economic landscape, citing the involvement of nearly a hundred Dutch companies across various sectors.

“Ethiopia has become a focal point for Dutch investors, with significant emphasis on sectors like horticulture and floriculture,” Ambassador Bakker remarked, shedding light on the pivotal role these investments play in bolstering Ethiopia’s foreign exchange reserves.

He emphasized that the Netherlands has emerged as Ethiopia’s largest export destination, with Dutch investments commanding a substantial 10% share of the country’s total exports, a testament to the robust economic ties between the two nations.

Highlighting the sectors of interest, Ambassador Bakker noted the substantial investments made by prominent Dutch breweries such as Heineken, alongside the partial Dutch ownership in Habesha beer, which have injected vitality into Ethiopia’s burgeoning beer industry.

While agriculture, particularly horticulture and floriculture, remains the cornerstone of Dutch investments in Ethiopia, there have been notable forays into other sectors, including fintech, indicative of the diversified investment portfolio.

Expressing optimism about the future trajectory of bilateral relations, Ambassador Bakker reaffirmed the Netherlands’ commitment to fortifying ties with Ethiopia, with a focus on fostering economic cooperation and addressing shared challenges.

“The Netherlands stands ready to deepen its engagement with Ethiopia, building upon our longstanding partnership,” Ambassador Bakker affirmed, highlighting the mutual commitment to advancing shared goals and aspirations.

Furthermore, Ambassador Bakker underscored the Netherlands’ steadfast support for Ethiopia’s development agenda, particularly in critical areas such as food security, healthcare, and water resource management, underscoring the holistic nature of bilateral collaboration.

In a parallel development, the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), convened a national conference aimed at harnessing investment opportunities in the horticulture sector.

The conference provided a platform for robust discussions on overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities within the horticulture sub-sector, signaling a promising outlook for the industry’s growth trajectory.

Moreover, EHPEA initiated a targeted training program focused on equipping 10,000 workers in the Holeta cluster with the requisite skills for identifying and managing the False Codling Moth, underscoring the industry’s commitment to enhancing productivity and sustainability.

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