KENYA – Beemsterboer Coldstore Services (BCS), a family-owned Dutch-based company, has officially opened its cold store in Nairobi to reduce Post-Harvest Losses (PHL) and steer sustainability in Kenya’s fresh produce sector.

The cold store, which has been operational for 18 months, has a capacity for 4,000 pallets and the potential to reduce fresh fruit and vegetable food waste by up to 30%.

The facility primarily holds fruit imported from across the globe and serves as a hub for Kenyan avocados exported in containers to the Netherlands and other European countries.

According to Jean Pierre Dekker, one of the co-owners, the company’s plan to build a cold storage facility in Nairobi began in early 2017.

“It was a promising prospect, but then the pandemic struck, making construction very difficult,” he explained. “But now, after a longer-than-expected process, we’re proud of the completed cold store, and having both my parents at the opening is the icing on the cake.”

Besides these new premises in Nairobi, BCS has been storing perishable goods at two sites in the Netherlands since 1955.

“I’ve lived and worked in Kenya for more than 20 years,” said Dekker, who used to operate a rose nursery in Kenya, among other ventures, and possesses extensive knowledge of the local market.

In his view, although many people are not very familiar with the concept of cold storage, East Africa presents ample potential.

“Many large companies are seeking professional storage,” Decker observed. “We’ll soon see if we can implement this concept in other parts of East Africa.”

This news comes weeks after the logistics firm, Cold Solutions, launched its flagship cold storage facility in Tatu City, Kenya, thereby initiating its USD 70 million (Sh10.5 billion) investment plan that was set in motion three years ago.

According to the recently published news report, the 15,000 square meters grade ‘A’ cold storage complex on six acres at Tatu City is one of the largest in the country.

It will cater to multiple products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, meat, poultry, and frozen foods.

The warehouse is classified as a grade ‘A’ facility because of its high quality, size, hook height and dock levelers, large lay-down area around the warehouses and its specialty as a cold storage.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cold Solutions Kenya, Grant Ochieng’, revealed that the cold storage facility will help reduce post-harvest losses in agriculture and strengthen supply chains in the hospitality, retail, and pharmaceutical sectors.

“We believe this facility will not only meet, but exceed your expectations, giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.” “Your success is our success, and we are honored to be your trusted logistics partner,” said Mr. Ochieng.

Cold Solutions Kenya is a portfolio company of ARCH Cold Chain Solutions East Africa Fund, a private equity fund advised by ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited.

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