GLOBAL – DP World has launched a global freight forwarding networking with over 100 new forwarding offices worldwide to streamline customer navigation within the global trade network.

With 1,000 staff already employed across these offices and expectations of substantial growth in the next 12 months, DP World aims to facilitate the movement of over 10 percent of global trade annually.

The decision to expand comes in response to mounting disruptions in global trade, as businesses increasingly prioritize dynamic strategies to fortify their supply chains.

Economist Impact research underscores this trend, highlighting the vulnerabilities of the traditional asset-light freight forwarding model, particularly its susceptibility to disruptions at critical junctures. Such disruptions can cascade into inventory and fulfillment challenges for businesses and their customers.

Recognizing the imperative for enhanced supply chain control, DP World’s expansion arrives at a pivotal juncture for the logistics and supply chain industry worldwide.

By augmenting its freight forwarding portfolio, particularly in air and ocean freight, DP World aims to leverage its comprehensive suite of services, encompassing ports, terminals, warehouses, trucks, rail, and shipping services.

This strategic move seeks to empower businesses with greater control and resilience, underpinned by proprietary digital technology, while fostering collaboration with complementary partners across the supply chain to drive efficiency.

Miami stands as the latest addition to DP World’s expanding network of freight forwarding offices, underscoring the company’s commitment to fortifying its end-to-end network of high-value port assets and specialized expertise spanning 430 business units across 86 countries.

Beat Simon, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Logistics, DP World, affirms, “Our expansion in freight forwarding complements our end-to-end supply chain solutions and capabilities.”

“Our asset-appropriate approach heralds a paradigm shift for the freight forwarding industry, empowering customers with enhanced visibility and control, instilling confidence in today’s global market.”

As DP World continues to expand its freight forwarding footprint, it aspires to cover over 90 percent of global trade, focusing on densifying its network to deliver a robust and resilient global capability.

The comprehensive service offerings span order and origin management, port handling, freight management for ocean and air, and destination services encompassing customs, drayage, logistics, last-mile delivery, deconsolidation, and bonded warehousing services.

Moreover, DP World provides value-added services such as embedded trade finance, commodity-specific services, cars in containers, transload, and advanced hubs.

Marco Nazzari, VP, Commercial Freight Forwarding, DP World, emphasizes, “Our freight forwarding service leverages proprietary digital technology solutions to simplify global trade for our customers, offering them enhanced control.”

“However, it’s not just our digital solutions; our people are fundamental to our customers’ success. Leveraging an asset-appropriate approach, DP World combines digital tools with the expertise and local know-how of its team to streamline freight forwarding from end to end.”

With a single digital window providing real-time tracking and management capabilities, DP World’s advanced digital system epitomizes efficiency and transparency in global trade facilitation.

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