US – Family-owned and operated agricultural business, Lipman has appointed Doug Miller as the new Head of Watermelon Sales to spearhead distribution across the East Coast.

Doug Miller began his agricultural career at Lipman in 2001 as a scout in Florida. He swiftly transitioned into the sales department, dedicating an impressive 11 years to nurturing the company’s growth and contributing to its enduring success.

After his time at Lipman, Miller pursued his career in the fresh watermelon industry. In 2016, he established Legacy Produce, a watermelon grower and distributor in Florida. This move solidified his standing as a trailblazer in the watermelon industry.

Lipman’s commitment to delivering top-quality produce and investing in customer service has led to their decision to expand their watermelon distribution. This expansion will enable year-round distribution of watermelons through Lipman’s extensive network.

Starting with the fall crop in South Carolina and then continuing production in Florida during the winter and spring seasons, Lipman will provide a steady supply of fresh watermelon.

“I am honored to lead Lipman’s Watermelon Sales team and contribute to our mission of providing high-quality produce to our valued customers,” Doug Miller explained.

“With our expansion plans, we are not only enhancing our offerings but also ensuring that our customers receive the best service in the industry.”

Kyle Cosgrove joins Measures to Improve (MTI) as the Director of Agronomy

Kyle Cosgrove will play a pivotal role in advancing MTI’s on-farm services and support with his wealth of experience in agronomy, his commitment to sustainable practices, and his passion for supporting growers.

At MTI, Kyle will serve as the subject matter expert for farming practices, with a focus on prioritizing healthy soils and promoting regenerative agriculture within the fresh produce industry.

This role is particularly significant as Kyle will lead MTI’s participation in A Vibrant Future, a collaborative effort involving the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) and other industry leaders. The project is funded through a USDA Climate Smart Commodities grant.

A Vibrant Future aims to develop a comprehensive system to trace climate-smart outcomes and create demand and a marketplace for climate-smart produce.

“We are excited to have Kyle join the MTI team.” “His background and experience in agronomy will be an asset to our team of sustainability experts,” says Nikki Cossio, CEO and Founder of MTI.

Nikki revealed that MTI is receiving more and more requests for support related to agronomy as buyer requests continue trickling down to the grower level.

Kyle’s experience will thus enable the consultation firm to expand their on-farm services and provide better service to their clients. He will also lead the charge on MTI’s role in the USDA Climate Smart Commodities grant.

Measure to Improve’s mission is to help production companies measure, improve, and credibly promote their sustainability efforts.

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