US – Dole Fresh Vegetables is recalling specific salad kits due to potential listeria contamination, as reported by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The recall affects a limited number of Dole-branded and private-label salad kits processed on the same line as the cheese recalled by manufacturer Rizo-Lopez Foods.

In a statement, Dole emphasized the recall’s focus on products sold under its brand, as well as the President’s Choice and Marketside brands.

The concern arises from the possible cross-contamination of cheese contained in certain master packs by cheese potentially contaminated with listeria from its packed cheese supplier.

Dole advises consumers with these products in their refrigerators or freezers to refrain from consumption and discard them immediately.

Although the company is not aware of any specific illnesses linked to its products, this recall is part of a larger multistate outbreak associated with queso fresco and cotija cheese produced by Rizo-Lopez Foods, prompting recalls of over 100 products in recent weeks.

The FDA recently reported a positive test for listeria monocytogenes during an on-site inspection at Rizo Lopez Foods Inc., linking it to the ongoing outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been investigating infections related to this strain since 2014, with outbreaks in 2017 and 2021.

125th banana-versary

On a positive note, Dole has embarked on a yearlong celebration of its 125th anniversary, launched on February 1st.

The festivities include various activities, such as instore digital promotions, contests, partnerships, proclamations, recipes, and special appearances.

As part of the celebration, Dole will launch commemorative Dole 125th Banana-versary stickers on millions of Dole Bananas throughout the U.S. and Canada in waves throughout 2024.

The stickers aim to celebrate Dole’s journey, people, earth, flavors, and heritage over a century and a quarter.

Dole is collaborating with retailers across North America to bring the Dole 125th Banana-versary to shoppers through dedicated displays, point-of-purchase materials, and other in-store activations.

 David Goldfield, Dole’s Vice President of Communications, highlighted the celebration’s focus on showcasing how Dole has contributed to the banana and produce industry’s growth and emphasized the company’s commitment to global sustainability.

“As the global banana and produce industry has grown because of Dole, so too has our obligation to lead in the protection of people, food, and nature for future generations,” Goldfield stated.

“Our programs in water management, climate change, waste reduction, employee social equity, and health and nutrition are helping to ensure another 125 years of DOLE® Bananas and a happy, healthy global fanbase.”

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