UKRAINE – The Danube Agrarian farm in the Odesa region is the highest-ranking Ukrainian organic brand according to a survey by Organic Standard.

Established in 2013, Danube has remained consistent in its commitment to producing high-quality organic watermelons and melons through its organic cultivation system.

According to the survey’s report, it is one of the largest organic farms in Ukraine, cultivating approximately 2,000 hectares of land.

The farm produces natural vegetables, fruits, grains, and root crops such as sweet potatoes. It also offers animal products. Notably, it is the only farm in Ukraine that cultivates organic peaches and nectarines.

Their organic certification by Organic Standard makes it possible for them to produce over 160 varieties of organic products.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, Danube Agrarian continuously worked on expanding its product range, despite the challenging situation in the country.

The farm has since diversified its product range by introducing new items such as fruit chips made from watermelons, melons, and plums.

They have also introduced jams made from fruits and herbs, offering unique flavor combinations.

Other new products by the company include tomato juice, as well as new flavors of healthy snacks, including fruits dipped in French chocolate.

Products under the Danube Agrarian brand are widely available in Ukrainian supermarket chains such as Goodwine, WineTime, Silpo, Novus, Auchan, Velyka Kyshenya, and MegaMarket.

They are also available in retail stores in European Union countries such as Germany, Romania, and Poland. Additionally, their products are exported to Switzerland (LIDL stores), Canada, and the USA.

Meanwhile, the survey listed Agro Starytsya, one of the pioneers in cultivating organic berries in Ukraine, in the second position.

Organic Terra, which specializes in cultivating organic greenhouse vegetables such as cucumbers, cocktail tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes, takes the third position.

Ukraine is blessed with abundant agricultural resources that are perfect for organic farming. The country has significant potential to emerge as a major player in the global market for organic products.

According to East Fruit, the country is already among the top five largest exporters of organic products to the EU and exports its produce to more than 40 countries worldwide.

At the same time, it caters to the needs of discerning consumers in the domestic market, even in the face of economic instability and war.

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