USA – Coca-Cola has for the first time agreed to license one of its brands for use within the fresh produce category by California-based grower, packer, and distributor of premium fruit, Frutura’s Dayka & Hackett LLC.

In the deal, Frutura will use Minute Maid and Simply brands on D&H fresh citrus and D&H grapes, respectively, in the United States and Minute Maid will also be used on D&H fresh citrus and grapes in Japan.

Founded in 2005, Dayka & Hackett (D&H) has substantially enhanced their citrus program with areas of excellence in clementines, lemons, limes, oranges, and mandarins.

Products bearing Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid and Simply Select imagery will be integrated with D&H’s existing brand portfolio and will begin appearing at retail in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

“Our company is committed to serving the consumer with superior products at every part of their day,” said Kayla Carlucci, Associate Licensing Manager with the Coca-Cola Company.

“When we consider licensing one of our brands, the quality of the product that will bear our name is paramount, as is the quality control the licensee exercises at every step along the supply chain. We’re delighted to be in business with Frutura and consider this to be the start of a great relationship.”

Tim Dayka, CEO of Dayka & Hackett, who crafted the licensing agreement on Frutura’s behalf, noted that partnering with the iconic Coca-Cola Company, and their globally recognized and respected brands, is a transformative moment for the company and Frutura brand.

“This will allow us to increase our market penetration in a meaningful way, as these brands resonate so strongly with the discriminating consumer,” he added.

Market analysts also argue that Coca-Cola may bear the risk of customer blame if there is a problem associated with fruit, such as a recall or difficulties with product quality, that has the Simply and Minute Maid logos on them, which could reflect negatively on the brands themselves, hurting sales of the original products.

In the long run, others explained that the recognition also might help boost sales of Coca-Cola’s original juice offerings.

A shopper might see a bag of grapes with the Minute Maid logo or a lemon with Simply and decide to purchase one of those juices later simply because they saw the fruit. The connection with fruit also helps elevate the healthier perception a consumer might have of these Coca-Cola products.

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