GHANA – The CMA CGM Group, a global player in sea, land, air, and logistics solutions, has announced the arrival of its first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) – powered container vessel the CMA CGM SCANDOLA at the Tema Port in Ghana. 

This shift towards sustainable shipping marks a significant milestone in the industry’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and supporting West Africa’s evolving supply chains.

The vessel, boasting a capacity of 15,000 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), is a testament to CMA CGM’s dedication to enhancing West Africa’s maritime infrastructure.

With a strategic investment of close to USD 15 billion in the decarbonization initiative, the CMA CGM SCANDOLA is poised to serve not only in Ghana but also at key locations, including Lekki’s new Deep-Sea Port in Nigeria, Abidjan, and Côte d’Ivoire.

Local media highlighted the group’s commitment to West Africa’s supply chains, quoting, “The arrival of the container vessel demonstrates the group’s commitment to supporting West Africa’s supply chains by increasing deployed capacity.”

Operating on LNG, the CMA CGM SCANDOLA offers versatility by being capable of using BioLNG and e-methane as carbon-neutral fuel sources. This innovative approach aligns with the global push towards cleaner energy alternatives in the maritime sector.

The vessel is set to play a pivotal role in the West Africa Express (WAX) service, connecting Tema, Lekki, Abidjan, and Pointe-Noire directly to major trade destinations such as China, Southeast Asia, and India.

This strategic positioning reflects CMA CGM’s commitment to bolstering trade links and facilitating efficient logistics in the region.

Commenting on the vessel’s significance, a CMA CGM spokesperson stated, “The arrival of the CMA CGM SCANDOLA is a significant milestone in the shipping industry. The vessel’s use of Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel source is a step towards reducing carbon emissions in the shipping industry.”

Lekki Deep Sea Port to become a mega transshipment hub in West Africa

Meanwhile, West Africa’s container trade is experiencing remarkable growth, prompting carriers to enhance services like the West Africa Express (WAX).

This service, which includes stops in Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Congo, connects West Africa with major global trade hubs. The deployment of vessels like the Maersk Edirne, with a 13,000 TEU capacity, underscores the region’s increasing significance in global maritime trade.

The focus on Lekki Deep Sea Port as a mega transshipment hub is a crucial development. As West Africa’s container trade flourishes, this strategic port managed by the CMA CGM Group is anticipated to play a pivotal role in facilitating trade flows, particularly for Nigeria and neighboring Gulf of Guinea countries.

Nigerian officials view the arrival of large containerships like the Maersk Edirne as a landmark event, highlighting the growing importance of Lekki port in the region.

The Freeport Terminal, managed and operated by CMA CGM, is described as a “game-changing infrastructure for Nigeria and West Africa,” emphasizing its role as a mega transshipment hub for the entire Gulf of Guinea region.

As the Lekki port approaches its first commercial operations anniversary, the transformative impact of CMA CGM’s initiatives is becoming increasingly evident.

The port, with its significant capacity and state-of-the-art infrastructure, is poised to reshape maritime trade dynamics in West Africa.

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