CHILE – Chile has achieved a monumental milestone with the inauguration of South America’s largest floating solar plant in the O’Higgins Region.

Developed for fruit exporter Verfrut, Solarity spearheads the operation, delivering clean energy to Fundo Quilamuta.

Spanning an impressive 2.5 acres, the solar facility boasts an installed capacity of 1,090 kWp, gracefully adorning Verfrut’s small lake.

This endeavor aligns seamlessly with Verfrut’s commitment to fostering sustainability across the production, packaging, export, and marketing facets of fresh fruit.

Comprising 1,998 solar panels atop 2,493 floats, the project blankets two acres, harnessing energy through 8 inverters. The resultant power, converted into alternating current, directly fuels Quilamuta farm’s consumption.

Javier Martínez, Verfrut’s General Manager, asserts, “Our alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals underpins Verfrut’s pursuit of affordable, non-polluting energy, responsible production, consumption, and climate action.”

Echoing this sustainable ethos, the Quilamuta estate—a Verfrut flagship sprawling across 6,760 acres—dedicates 1,685 acres to productive endeavors and conserves an additional 4,500 acres for nature preservation.

Beyond clean energy adoption, the estate champions composting and maintains designated areas for waste management and recycling.

Andrés Marambio, Quilamuta Estate Manager, highlights the estate’s diverse plantations thriving harmoniously within the native ecosystem.

“Sustainable development has been our pioneering ethos, amplifying our global presence while championing environmental stewardship,” Marambio emphasizes.

Maria Teresa Figueroa, Verfrut’s marketing manager, underscores Quilamuta’s rich cultivation repertoire encompassing table grapes, plums, nectarines, cherries, avocados, clementines, kiwifruit, pears, and Asian pears.

 “Our unwavering commitment to sustainability extends beyond fruit; it enriches lives. Our unwavering focus on sustainable processes culminates in this exemplary project,” Figueroa reaffirms.

Horacio Melo, Solarity’s General Manager, illuminates the solar plant’s impactful role, fulfilling 40% of the farm’s energy needs with onsite, efficient, and economical clean energy.

The 1,090 kWp capacity positions the Quilamuta plant as a linchpin in Verfrut’s pursuit of sustainability and decarbonization objectives.

Future plans involve integrating batteries and additional decarbonization services, ensuring 24/7 clean energy delivery, striving for 100% fulfillment of Verfrut’s energy requirements,” Melo outlines, envisioning a robust sustainable energy future.

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