CANADA – Canadian farmers earned USD 22.9 million from their garlic sales in 2023, even though production dipped slightly from the previous year.

The farmers planted a record 950 hectares of garlic, nearly three times the size of the Toronto Islands. This harvest, however, did not match the record-breaking production of 2022, resulting in a 1.7% decrease to 1,918 tons.

Despite the dip in production and sales, the 2023 harvest significantly surpassed the decade-old figures.

Sales more than doubled from the USD 11.1 million earned a decade ago. Most garlic in Canada comes from Ontario and Quebec, which brought in USD 9.9 million and USD 8 million respectively. British Columbia, a distant third in sales, earned USD 3.5 million from garlic.

Ontario and Quebec saw an upward trend in garlic production over the last nine years, but British Columbia experienced a 46.1% decrease in production during the same period.

These regional variations in garlic output reflect the different agricultural climates across Canada.

Garlic’s popularity in Canada has grown, making it more available in stores. In 2022, Canadians had access to 0.54 kilograms of fresh garlic per person, up from 0.36 kilograms at the start of the millennium.

Garlic’s presence in the Canadian market indicates a changing palate, influenced by the country’s diverse culinary tastes.

This increased accessibility of garlic benefits both consumers and farmers. While garlic offers culinary versatility and health benefits, its strong aroma can be a drawback for some. Nonetheless, garlic remains a staple in Canadian kitchens, thanks to its robust flavor and versatility.

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