CAMEROON – Cameroon’s banana exports reached 68,874 tons in the first four months of 2024, according to the Cameroon Banana Association.

French agro-industrial company Compagnie Fruitière, through its subsidiaries Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP) and Compagnie des Bananes de Mondoni (CDBM), led the export efforts.

Together, they exported 54,912 tons, accounting for 79.7% of the total banana exports during this period. PHP’s contribution was 51,395 tons, while CDBM, which began operations in June 2023, exported 3,517 tons.

In addition to their direct exports, Compagnie Fruitière provided technical support and managed production and export logistics for other local producers.

These included the state-owned Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and the private entity Boh Plantations Plc (BPL). The company oversaw the export of 10,255 tons for CDC and 3,707 tons for BPL.

CDBM’s export volume nearly equaled that of BPL, highlighting its rapid emergence as a significant market player. The quick rise of CDBM is seen as a notable development in Cameroon’s banana export industry.

Bananas have long been a vital export commodity for Cameroon. In 2023, the sector saw a 1.6% increase in export revenues, reaching CFA31.4 billion, according to the National Institute of Statistics.

This growth reflects the importance of bananas in the country’s economy and the effectiveness of the strategies implemented by key players like Compagnie Fruitière.

As the banana sector continues to grow, industry stakeholders are optimistic about maintaining and possibly increasing export volumes.

The support from major players such as Compagnie Fruitière, along with the involvement of new entrants like CDBM, indicates a promising outlook for the future of Cameroon’s banana exports.

“Compagnie Fruitière’s role in managing logistics and providing technical support has been crucial for the success of our exports,” said a representative from the Cameroon Banana Association.

“We are confident that with continued collaboration and investment, the sector will achieve even greater heights.”

The consistent performance and gradual increase in export revenues underscore the resilience and potential of the banana industry in Cameroon.

As the country navigates the complexities of the global market, the contributions from both established and new players will be vital in sustaining growth and ensuring the economic stability provided by this key export commodity.

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