TURKEY – Bolu Potato Factory has recently become a part of the MA Group, following the acquisition of its entire share package by Ma Tarım A.Ş., a manufacturing unit under Turfan Tarımsal Üretim ve Pazarlama A.Ș.

This notable development was announced via a LinkedIn post by Cumhur Baltacı.

Expressing gratitude to the key figures behind Turfan Tarıms, including Chairman of the Board Levent Hatay and valued partners Yunus Gözüm, Derya Şenocak, and Vedat Bayrak, Baltacı highlighted their contributions and support.

Additionally, Miraç Aşık, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was acknowledged for his dedication to the Agriculture and Food Sector, particularly in Turkish Agriculture and the Potato and Frozen Food Sector.

In his LinkedIn post, Baltacı also expressed appreciation for being welcomed into the group and shared the group’s pride and happiness in announcing the initiation of feasibility and investment plan studies aimed at doubling the capacity of the newly acquired factory, now a part of the Ma Group, within a short timeframe.

Turfan, situated in the Uyghur autonomous region of China, is renowned for its unique agricultural practices.

The region, nestled in the northeast part of the Taklamakan desert and surrounded by mountains, utilizes a sophisticated irrigation system dating back 2,500 years.

This system, managed by individuals known as Kariz, channels water from the mountains through underground canals, spanning 60 kilometers.

The term “turfanda,” denoting early fruits and vegetables, originates from the fertile Turfan basin, where warm climatic conditions enable the early production of such crops.

The selection of the name Turfan for the company aligns with its vision of efficiently delivering a variety of produce to customers throughout the year, leveraging production and preservation technologies to maintain a favorable cost-benefit balance.

Turfan Tarımsal specializes in the production of frozen potato products for both domestic and international markets, catering to restaurants and retailers.

Since its inception, the company has remained committed to innovation and customer-centricity under the slogan “From soil to table,” epitomized by its popular Golden Fries brand.

The company’s website prominently features Levent Hatay as Chairman of the Board and Miraç Aşik as Deputy Chairman of the Board, underscoring their leadership roles within the organization.

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