US – Bob Mattive of Monte Vista, Colorado, has been appointed to spearhead the National Potato Council (NPC) as its President for the forthcoming year, following the annual Washington Summit.

The appointment was made during the Annual Meeting of the Voting Delegates, signifying a significant leadership role within the potato industry’s foremost advocacy body.

Expressing his commitment to the council’s mission, Mattive highlighted the crucial role of collaboration and advocacy in navigating contemporary agricultural challenges.

“I’ve always been interested in environmental issues and legislative affairs. I’ve learned a lot, and I know we must work hard and work together to keep relevant, educate the next generation, and continue advocating on behalf of our growers and industry partners,” he remarked.

Mattive’s journey with NPC began as a delegate from Colorado, where his engagement broadened his perspective to encompass national agricultural concerns.

Over the years, he has contributed to various NPC committees, consolidating his understanding of federal policy intricacies.

Transitioning into the family’s agricultural legacy, Mattive and his spouse, Gail (Worley), embraced the opportunity to partner with his father-in-law in 1982, marking the fourth generation of the Worley Family’s farming tradition.

With technological advancements permeating the industry, their farm has evolved significantly, encompassing 2,000 acres of diverse crops alongside a substantial potato cultivation spanning 1,800–1,900 acres.

Reflecting on the farm’s modernization, Mattive underscored the pivotal role of technology in enhancing efficiency.

“As with most industries, technology has become a large part of our organization,” he noted, citing the integration of computerized irrigation systems and GPS-operated machinery as transformative advancements.

Joining Mattive on the NPC Executive Committee are distinguished industry leaders, each entrusted with specific portfolios crucial to the council’s overarching objectives.

Ted Tschirky of Pasco, Washington, assumes the role of First Vice President and Vice President of Trade Affairs, while Dean Gibson of Paul, Idaho, oversees Legislative Affairs. Ben Sklarczyk of Johannesburg, Michigan, is tasked with Environmental Affairs, with TJ Hall of Hoople, North Dakota, handling Finance and Office Procedures. Chris Olsen of Othello, Washington, serves as the Vice President for Grower Outreach and Industry Research, while RJ Andrus of Idaho Falls, Idaho, takes on the responsibility of Immediate Past President.

With a focus on advancing policy priorities and safeguarding growers’ interests, NPC plays a pivotal role in advocating for the potato industry on Capitol Hill.

The recent NPC 2024 Washington Summit served as a crucial platform for industry stakeholders to deliberate and advocate for issues such as federal nutrition programs’ potato inclusion, fair-trade agreements, and tax policies supportive of family-owned farming operations.

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