GLOBAL – This year, Chrysal proudly celebrates 75 years of pioneering flower food that has extended the life and vibrancy of flowers worldwide.

Established in 1929, Chrysal began developing flower food in 1949, quickly becoming the global expert in flower care.

The journey reflects a commitment to continuous research and development, ensuring that florists and consumers have relied on their expertise to preserve the beauty of flowers for decades.

As we commemorate this milestone, Chrysal not only reflects on its rich history but also emphasizes a commitment to a sustainable future.

Sustainability has become a core value, with a focus on environmentally friendly packaging, such as paper sachets and recyclable plastic, echoing the company’s dedication to contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

In a statement, a representative from the flower company highlighted, “Even after 75 years, Chrysal remains dedicated to developing flower nutrition and sustainable packaging, all while reducing our ecological footprint. Together, we envision a future where flowers symbolize not only beauty but also sustainability and care for our planet.”

Chrysal International’s commitment to climate neutrality by 2030

Sustainability takes center stage in Chrysal’s core values, especially in today’s context. The company, a global leader in flower nutrition, expresses a strong sense of responsibility towards future generations.

The company aims to set the industry standard by aspiring to be climate neutral and is committed to helping its partners achieve their sustainability goals with an ambitious goal to be climate neutral by 2030.

Their comprehensive approach involves a focus on combating climate change, reducing its carbon footprint, and supporting a sustainable economy.

The company conducted a thorough analysis of its environmental impact through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), with Ecochain assessing the impact of products and facilities in the Netherlands and Africa. This data serves as the foundation for targeted efforts to improve environmental impact.

Efforts towards the goal include reducing energy consumption, sourcing impact, contributing to innovative transport solutions, and assisting customers in making informed sustainability decisions.

In addition to fighting climate change, the sustainability program, “Chrysal Cares,” encompasses three other pillars: contributing to a sustainable economy, enhancing lives and work experience, and supporting biodiversity for a positive environmental impact.

Chrysal aims to achieve 50% circularity by 2030, introducing sustainable flower food sachets, compostable, paper, and recyclable plastic, and innovating with Bag-in-Box packaging for Professional products, reducing plastic use by up to 70%.

The company remains steadfast in its commitment to making all packaging entirely non-virgin material and recyclable, re-usable, or compostable.

As the flower industry evolves, Chrysal stands as a beacon of sustainability, demonstrating that beauty and environmental responsibility can bloom hand in hand.

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