GLOBAL – Bloemteknik, a horticultural lighting specialist, has partnered with Ecopromt, a vertical farming technology firm, to enhance lighting solutions for vertical farms worldwide.

The collaboration between Bloemteknik and Ecopromt aims to provide vertical farmers with advanced, customized lighting solutions tailored to their specific needs.

“By integrating Bloem’s Align platform with Ecopromt’s vertical farm innovation, we are set to transform the way crops are grown in vertical farms, making controlled environment agriculture more efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly,” said Anders Wennerbäck, CEO of Ecopromt.

Bloem’s Align platform allows growers to customize every aspect of their lighting solutions. This includes custom spectra based on specific crop varieties, tuned PPFD to align with the grower’s cultivation strategy, and custom fixture dimensions and system configurations for multi-layer, gutter, and cart setups.

Additionally, bespoke optical design optimizes light intensity and color uniformity, while AC & DC electrical configurations are tailored to the grower’s power supply. Custom mounting solutions accelerate installation and simplify maintenance.

James Fleet, Co-founder and CEO of Bloem, emphasized the significance of the partnership. “Our collaboration with Ecopromt marks a milestone in our commitment to advancing controlled environment agriculture through innovative lighting solutions.”

“By combining our expertise in horticultural lighting with Ecopromt’s design and build innovation, we aim to empower vertical farm operators with the tools they need to enhance crop quality, increase yields, and optimize costs.”

While vertical farming has gained traction globally, it’s particularly prominent in the Middle East. Water scarcity, urbanization, and a focus on cutting-edge technology have made the region a hotbed for vertical farming initiatives. Local vertical farms supply fresh produce, reducing reliance on imports and enhancing food security.

ECO1 in Dubai is a prime example. A collaboration between Crop One Holdings and Emirates Flight Catering, ECO1 is the world’s largest vertical farm, spanning 30,000 square meters.

It produces over 900 tonnes of leafy greens annually, including spinach and arugula. The farm uses controlled environments, LED lighting, and efficient water usage, making it a sustainable solution for urban food production.

AeroFarms in Abu Dhabi is another significant player. As a global leader in vertical farming, AeroFarms has established a significant R&D indoor vertical farm in Abu Dhabi.

Though not as large as ECO1, AeroFarms continues to innovate and contribute to vertical farming advancements.

Madar Farms is also noteworthy. They focus on sustainable food production through vertical farming, significantly contributing to the region’s food security.

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) specializes in advanced vertical farming systems, optimizing resource use and crop quality through controlled environments.

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