KENYA – Bayer Crop Science Kenya has become the first company in Africa to implement the Dynamic Shared Ownership (DSO) model, aiming to transform the agricultural sector by prioritizing farmers’ needs and fostering greater accountability.

The introduction of the DSO model by Bayer aimed to change the traditional ways of operation within the agricultural sector, and its implementation in Kenya is a milestone worth celebrating.

The model, designed to place farmers at the center of decision-making, faced initial uncertainties and challenges. However, the commitment and resilience of the Kenya team have been pivotal in navigating through these changes.

One of the key aspects of the DSO model is its focus on customer-facing teams, who have wholeheartedly embraced this new approach.

“Our customer-facing teams are now more focused on outcomes, putting farmers at the center of all decisions,” said a representative from Bayer Kenya.

The blend of diverse experiences and expertise within these teams has enabled them to create significant value for both smallholder and commercial farmers.

The first half of the year has been intense for Bayer Kenya, but the unwavering dedication of the team has been inspiring.

Their journey, which began with a mix of anxiety and excitement, has now evolved into a structured approach aimed at delivering tangible benefits to farmers.

“Despite moments of uncertainty, the team embraced the journey wholeheartedly, co-creating and collaborating every step of the way,” added the representative.

As part of this new working model, Bayer Kenya’s teams are currently embarking on a 90-day cycle to test, learn, and improve their strategies.

This period of exploration and experimentation is crucial for identifying the best practices that will address the farmers’ needs effectively. The model empowers teams to take ownership and accountability, enabling swift responses to challenges faced by the farmers.

The success of Bayer Kenya’s implementation of the DSO model is a testament to the dedication and passion of its team. Their efforts have not only transformed the company’s operations but also set a precedent for other countries in Africa to follow.

“Congratulations to the Kenya team! Your dedication and passion for the Bayer business and our farmers have been truly inspiring,” said a member of the Bayer leadership.

The positive impacts of this new model are expected to be felt at the farm level, improving the livelihoods of many farmers across the country.

According to the spokesperson, the journey has just begun, and the future looks promising for Bayer Crop Science Kenya as it continues to innovate and create value in the agricultural sector.


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