GERMANY – AVR, a major global leader in the potato cultivation industry and manufacturer of a complete range of machinery, has announced the expansion of their business with the creation of a new branch in Germany.

This new company will act as AVR’s strategic base of operations, to provide close and timely services to its German customers and dealers and utilize know-how applicable to the local German market.

“Germany is one of the most important potato-producing countries in Europe and is therefore an extremely important market for AVR. As this is a key market for our potato machinery, now and in the future, AVR will additionally and continuously invest in the German market,” Stefan Top, managing director of AVR, explained.

The new branch is situated in the municipality of Uetze, which is in the middle of a significant agricultural region and has excellent access to the A2 and A7, two major highways that connect to other agricultural regions.

The commercial, technical, and logistical tasks will all be combined into one support center. For example, the warehouse that will be built there will guarantee quick shipping of spare parts throughout Germany.

Additionally, the firm will support the large German AVR dealer network by arranging local training and sharing technical expertise.

As it approaches its 175th anniversary, AVR has established itself as a reputable producer of farm equipment.

“The company’s entry into Germany is significant, and it looks forward to applying its wealth of knowledge to help the regional market,” reads the Potato Business publication.

The company has entered a thriving potato market because Germany is the largest producer of potatoes in the European Union according to Europa. In 2021, the production of potatoes in Germany reached 11.3 million tons.

Lower Saxony is the largest potato area in Germany, followed by Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Three-quarters of the German production comes from these three federal states. Germany is the world’s seventh largest potato producer, and the biggest in western Europe.

Moreover, in 2020, a total of 55.3 million tons of potatoes were harvested in the EU. Germany was the largest producer and accounted for 21.2% of EU production, followed by Poland (16.4%), France (15.7%), the Netherlands (12.7%) and Belgium (7.2%).

Globally, the potato market size is estimated to be USD 111.83 billion in 2023, with a projected growth rate of 3.50% during the forecast period (2023-2028).

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