ARGENTINA – With the Chinese New Year festivities approaching, Argentine cherry shipments are in full swing, offering a delightful gift choice for the celebratory season.

Argentine Chamber of Integrated Cherry Producers (CAPCI) Strategically Targets Chinese and U.S. Markets.

Aníbal Caminiti, General Manager of the Argentine Chamber of Integrated Cherry Producers (CAPCI), shares insights into the current market dynamics, emphasizing the significance of the Asian market, which constitutes around 30% of total cherry exports during this period.

“China usually takes over 30% of our exportable volumes, and the U.S. has also proven to be very interesting this year,” notes Caminiti, highlighting the growing appeal of Argentine cherries in both markets.

Despite facing competition, especially from Chilean cherries, Caminiti emphasizes that Argentina aims to coexist strategically by focusing on later crops, leveraging the unique qualities, and branding of their cherries.

“In any market, the Chilean presence sets the price, so our strategies to maintain competitiveness have to be seasonalized from the Chilean supply peak because we will never be able to compete by volume,” he explains.

To enhance competitiveness, the cherry industry is concentrating on differentiation and quality. “We have developed branded products, such as the denomination of origin for cherries from the Valle de los Antiguos, and that is going to start working already for next season,” states Caminiti.

Additionally, CAPCI is actively working on a quality protocol tailored for international markets, especially China, aiming to set a standard for Argentine cherries.

Reflecting on the overall industry performance, Caminiti expresses satisfaction with the ongoing season, citing recovery in volumes and exportable balances lost in previous seasons due to climatic challenges.

“We are having a very good season, and we still have to ship our later varieties, and so far, everything is going well,” he adds.

In terms of logistics, Caminiti provides insights into shipping plans, indicating that the provinces of Chubut and Santa Cruz, still in harvest and production, will be utilizing air shipments, with expectations to reach international markets by March. Maritime shipments are anticipated to commence in early April.

As the industry looks towards the future, CAPCI is laying the groundwork for sustainable growth, with a focus on maintaining market competitiveness, ensuring quality standards, and exploring new avenues for Argentine cherries in global markets.

The collaborative efforts between CAPCI and industry stakeholders reflect a commitment to delivering premium Argentine cherries to consumers worldwide.

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