USA – Agrovision, a leading berry grower-supplier, has announced a new partnership with Seattle-based RipeLocker to bring a cutting-edge storage solution to its global operations.

This collaboration aims to enhance the shelf-life and quality of berries under the consumer brand, The Fruitist.

The newly developed technology from RipeLocker uses dynamic, low-atmosphere vacuum chambers to preserve fruit.

These chambers effectively put the fruit to “sleep,” significantly slowing down the ageing and decay processes. As a result, berries can maintain their optimal freshness for up to 12 weeks without losing quality.

This innovation marks a significant step forward in the postharvest industry, particularly for high-value crops and perishables.

Steve Magami, Agrovision’s co-founder, CEO, and executive chairman, highlighted the benefits of this technology.

“RipeLocker’s technology advances Agrovision’s promise of a premium, higher quality superfruit supply, 52 weeks a year,” he said.

“At the retail level, consumers across the globe can expect a ‘better berry,’ with more aroma, crunch, flavor, and higher nutritional value, indistinguishable from fresh-picked, while reducing shrink.”

Agrovision plans to integrate RipeLocker’s technology into its global market strategy, enhancing the consumer experience under The Fruitist brand.

The partnership is set to transform how berries are stored and transported, allowing Agrovision to reach more distant markets and offer varieties that were previously limited by shorter shelf lives.

“Agrovision is fully committed to reliably advancing the highest quality superfruits to consumers for healthier snacking 365 days a year, and we believe this partnership with RipeLocker will be a needle mover,” Magami added.

“The implications of this advancement are far-reaching: we can ensure prolonged freshness, access more distant markets, and introduce high-flavor varietals previously limited by shorter shelf lives.”

George Lobisser, RipeLocker’s CEO and co-founder, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “RipeLocker collaborates with forward-thinking operators to overcome barriers and drive positive change in the industry. We are thrilled to provide Agrovision with a technology to enable differentiation of their The Fruitist brand with better tasting, more nutritious, and longer shelf-life fruit to the consumer.”

Lobisser emphasized the alignment of this partnership with RipeLocker’s long-term vision. “This partnership perfectly aligns with our long-term vision to deploy groundbreaking technology with a vertically integrated organization that strives to integrate an innovative, game-changing technology into their operations and offer consumers superior quality fruit.”

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