EGYPT – AfriGoodGrows, a leading Egyptian carrot grower, has expanded to 170 hectares and invested in top-tier equipment to meet surging carrot demand.

According to Zayed Lasheen, the CEO of AfriGoodGrows the farming company has increased acreage and invested in key equipment such as a hydrocooler, vega polisher, and upgraded its processing line to handle 3-6 tons per hour.

“Cold storage facilities have also been enhanced, crucial for preserving carrots at optimal temperatures,” said Lasheen.

Zayed Lasheen, the CEO of AfriGoodGrows, sheds light on the growing success and the shifting dynamics in demand, especially from European markets.

“This year’s carrot harvest has been exceptional, with a significant increase in volume—up by 50% compared to the previous season. This not only allows us to achieve economies of scale but positions us competitively in terms of pricing,” affirms Lasheen in an exclusive conversation with FreshPlaza.

The backdrop of AfriGoodGrows’ success is the relatively new export carrot industry in Egypt, gaining prominence amid the aftermath of the war in Eastern Europe and rising energy costs on the continent.

 Lasheen explains, “The carrot sector, being a major energy consumer, has seen European countries turning to imports due to high production costs. Egypt has emerged as a cost-effective alternative, offering superior quality.”

Highlighting the distinguishing features of Egyptian carrots, Lasheen emphasized how carrots thrive in sandy desert soil, ensuring nematode-free harvests and robust carrots resistant to breakage.

“We cultivate popular varieties like F1 and Jerada, with our soil quality enabling yields of up to 30 tons per acre.”

Egypt’s ascendancy in the global carrot market surpasses major producers like Australia, Spain, Turkey, and Israel.

Lasheen attributes this success to significant competitive advantages stating their production costs are substantially lower, allowing them to offer carrots at a price difference of up to 40%.

While demand for Egyptian carrots is robust from the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, and France, Lasheen notes a dip in expected demand from Gulf countries, African nations, and Jordan. However, he remains optimistic about the sustained appeal of Egyptian carrots globally.

There has been a recent surge in carrots exports to the EU. In the 2022/23 marketing year, Egypt claimed the position of the third-largest supplier of carrots to the European Union, delivering a record-breaking 12,000 tons.

According to EastFruit this spike was a response to local harvest issues in some EU countries, particularly Poland, experiencing an 8% decrease in carrot production in 2022.

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