ZAMBIA – The African Development Bank Group’s board of directors has given the nod to Zambia’s Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for the period of 2024-2029.

This strategic blueprint outlines two key focus areas: bolstering the private sector by investing in infrastructure and enhancing the nation’s agricultural value chain.

Raubil Durowoju, head of the Bank Group’s country office in Zambia, emphasizes the CSP’s objective to expedite Zambia’s socioeconomic transformation and uplift livelihoods.

The priority entails advancing infrastructure development to bolster productivity, enhance commercial competitiveness, diversify the economy, and uplift the populace’s well-being.

Concurrently, the second area aims to promote value addition and job creation, particularly targeting women and youth.

The Bank’s initiatives are tailored to facilitate the expansion of road and rail networks, easing access, and unlocking development prospects across various economic sectors.

Additionally, the focus will be on fostering climate-resilient infrastructure and enhancing transportation resources to bolster regional trade, notably along key transport corridors.

Moreover, interventions in the water and sanitation domain seek to enhance access to quality water and sanitation facilities, consequently improving the quality of life and mitigating healthcare costs associated with waterborne diseases.

Furthermore, the African Development Bank Group will extend support to the agricultural sector, with a primary emphasis on developing farm blocks and value chains to enhance climate resilience and agricultural productivity.

Collaborative efforts with the Zambian Government and the private sector will aim to enhance agricultural product value chains, leveraging synergies with technological and digital startups in the sector.

As of February 29, 2024, the African Development Bank’s active portfolio in Zambia comprised 23 projects, with a total commitment nearing one billion US Dollars.

By aligning interventions with Zambia’s developmental aspirations, the African Development Bank underscores its commitment to fostering sustainable socioeconomic growth and enhancing the well-being of the Zambian populace.

Through targeted investments in infrastructure and agriculture, the Bank aims to catalyze positive transformation, driving inclusive development and prosperity for the nation.

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