NIGERIA – All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter has elected Fraimu Daud as the new chairman alongside other newly appointed executives to oversee the association for another year.

Taking the reins of leadership, Daud underscored his commitment to collaborating with agricultural sector stakeholders to confront the pressing challenges confronting farmers in the FCT.

Daud outlined his blueprint during the inauguration in Abuja, which aims to amplify food production and fortify agriculture as the bedrock of Nigeria’s economic foundation.

“Our intent within AFAN FCT is to continuously champion the cause of Abuja farmers, easing their pathways to crucial information that can elevate and transform their livelihoods,” Daud stated, emphasizing the association’s role in facilitating access to vital farming resources.

He further articulated AFAN’s proactive role in guiding farmers, spanning from procurement of essential farming inputs like fertilizers, seedlings, pesticides, to providing necessary tools and equipment aimed at enhancing their sustenance.

“We are resolute in assisting farmers in marketing their produce, facilitating direct sales to consumers and wholesale food processors,” Daud affirmed, highlighting the association’s multifaceted support for the farming community.

Expressing cognizance of the pervasive challenges confronting farmers nationwide, particularly in the FCT, Daud stressed the importance of collaborative efforts to proffer solutions and alleviate the hurdles impeding agricultural progress.

“We aim to foster strategic partnerships and maintain robust relationships with our longstanding allies to streamline AFAN’s role, ensuring a seamless experience for farmers, offering diverse opportunities, and fostering agricultural engagement among aspiring farmers,” Daud remarked.

Nigerian Delegation to Visit France, Explore Agriculture Opportunities

In parallel endeavors bolstering agricultural advancements, a high-level Nigerian delegation, led by heads of technical agricultural colleges, embarks on a significant mission to France.

This mission, aligned with the WATEA project – “Women in Agricultural Technical Education and Apprenticeship in Nigeria” – seeks to empower young women in modern agricultural techniques, farm management, and agroecology.

Supported by a substantial grant from the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, facilitated in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), the initiative aims to foster innovation and partnerships vital for the agricultural sector’s evolution.

French Ambassador to Nigeria, Emmanuelle Blatmann, emphasized the significance of this collaborative effort, showcasing the intersection of innovation and partnership in advancing agricultural education and practices for women in Nigeria.

As these initiatives take shape, the collaborative efforts between AFAN FCT under Daud’s leadership and the international partnerships exemplify a concerted drive towards agricultural transformation and empowerment in Nigeria.

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