KENYA – The 4th International Africa Avocado Congress (Avocado Africa 2024) has commenced at the Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

This momentous event, organized by the Avocado Society of Kenya (ASOK), draws industry stakeholders from around the globe to discuss various aspects of the avocado industry.

The congress runs from May 7th to May 10th, 2024, under the theme “Avocado Africa: A Convergence of Technology and Business for Increased Competitiveness and Trade.”

The focus areas include quality and safety, production and productivity, phytosanitary measures, supply chain and marketing, genetic resources, and health and nutrition.

Participants in the congress include experts, researchers, growers, marketers, and policymakers. The event offers a chance to explore the latest advancements in the avocado industry, engage in networking opportunities, and contribute to the sector’s sustainable growth in Africa and beyond.

Attendees of the Avocado Africa 2024 congress include a variety of prominent companies and organizations such as the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA), TWIGA Chemical Industries, Murphy Chemicals, Kakuzi PLC, Avodemia, IT’S FRESH, ACME Containers, DAIKIN, CROPTECH Kenya Ltd., aak-GROW, CMC Motors Group Limited, KALRO, BBEAL, and Danka Investment Limited.

Fresh Produce Middle East and Africa Magazine is also among the exhibitors at the event, providing an opportunity to engage with industry stakeholders and discuss the latest trends and developments.

The avocado export season in Kenya for 2024/2025 officially started on March 1st, 2024, offering promising opportunities for growers and exporters.

The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) assessed the maturity and volume of avocado fruit across major production zones to ensure quality. AFA’s directives dictate that exporters must comply with size restrictions for Hass and Fuerte varieties and engage exclusively with registered agents.

Europe remains the primary destination for Kenyan avocados, with the region taking over 70% of the market share. The Middle East, Asia, Turkey, and Russia follow closely as significant importers.

Despite the promising start of the export season, logistical challenges have impacted Kenya’s avocado industry.

A recent shortage of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) reefer containers disrupted shipping schedules and left exporters with significant volumes of avocados in cold storage.

Moreover, the ongoing crisis in the Red Sea region has also affected transit times to European destinations.

Paul Kyalo, Managing Director of Konza Tropicals Limited, acknowledged the strong beginning, saying, “We’ve had an excellent start of the avocado season…with most volume concentrated on the big calibers 14s to 22s. However, despite the promising beginning, logistical hurdles loom large over the industry.”

Exporters and growers are, however, adopting strategic measures to manage the situation. Kenya’s hosting of the Avocado Africa 2024 congress is expected to yield several benefits for the country.

These include knowledge transfer and best practices, market access and trade opportunities, quality and safety standards, technology adoption, sustainability and environmental practices, and collaboration and partnerships.

The congress provides a platform for Kenya’s avocado industry to engage with international buyers, exporters, and distributors.

By showcasing its high-quality avocados, the country can explore new export markets and align its industry with global trends. Sessions on quality assurance and safety protocols will enhance Kenya’s avocado exports and ensure access to premium markets.

As the 4th International Africa Avocado Congress continues, Kenya’s avocado industry stands to gain significantly from the knowledge, connections, and opportunities presented.

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