MOROCCO – The 16th International Exhibition of Agriculture in Morocco (SIAM), one of the world’s premier events dedicated to agriculture, is set to offer an optimal platform for deliberations on solutions to the current climate crisis and its impact on agriculture in the country.

Set to take place from April 22 to 28, 2024, the event will host discussions under the theme “Climate and Agriculture: For sustainable and resilient production systems.”

Acting Commissioner of SIAM, Kamal Hidane, during a press briefing, expressed his honor in introducing the measures taken for the success of this edition.

“In keeping with the goals of the Generation Green 2020–2030 policy, it is critical to support resilient and sustainable agricultural systems,” he stated, acknowledging the urgency of addressing the unprecedented climate crisis marked by soaring temperatures and diminishing water supplies.

The SIAM 2024 exhibition serves as a pivotal platform to explore initiatives aimed at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to climate change, and promoting sustainable agricultural development.

The focus extends to activities concerning agricultural value chains, distribution, quality, and innovation, emphasizing the need to protect natural resources and fortify the industry’s resilience.

Spain: Honored guest and collaborator

Spain, honored as the special guest for SIAM 2024, stands as a historical and favored partner of Morocco, recognized as a pioneer in European agriculture.

Jose Manuel Jaquotot, the Agricultural Adviser at the Spanish Embassy, expressed pride in attending this vital African agricultural event and highlighted the mutual benefits between Spanish and Moroccan agriculture.

He remarked, “Spanish agriculture benefits a lot from Moroccan agriculture when it comes to combating droughts and the authenticity of Moroccan goods.”

Through bilateral agreements in agriculture, water resources, and the environment, Spain showcases its commitment to innovative and sustainable farming methods, contributing valuable knowledge and strategies for resilient and sustainable agriculture.

Climate change awareness

The SIAM 2024 program aims to be a major platform for thought-sharing and raising awareness about climate change’s impact on the agriculture industry.

The twelve thematic clusters cover the agricultural ecosystem, strategy, industry innovations, technology, and best practices for resilient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly agriculture.

The event features seminars, workshops, and exhibitions on innovative technology, agricultural practices, and more.

Attendees have the opportunity to explore Moroccan and foreign agriculture through exhibits, tastings, and interactions with industry professionals.

The SIAM 2024 festival introduces innovative elements, including a redesigned spatial arrangement showcasing the diversity of Moroccan agriculture.

The new Agri-Digital Pole symbolizes the intersection of technology and agriculture, providing answers for farmers uncertain about adapting to climate change.

SIAM’s dedication to innovation is further evident with the implementation of E-ticketing, streamlining access for attendees.

The event, organized under King Mohammed VI from April 22 to 28 in Meknes, has grown to be one of the largest agricultural events in the continent.

This year’s edition encompasses 12.4 hectares, a 13% increase from the previous year, with ambitious goals of 70 participating nations, 40 seminars, 1,500 exhibitors, and an estimated 930,000 visitors.

The event’s press release emphasizes SIAM’s significance, serving as the flagship project of the Green Morocco Plan (PMV), highlighting the royal attention directed towards the agriculture sector.

The Green Morocco Plan adopts an international strategy that unites all stakeholders in the agriculture industry, playing a crucial role as the backbone of Morocco’s economy, driving rural growth, ensuring social stability, and safeguarding a legacy of safety for future generations.

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